Molybdenum is a refractory metal that is very beneficial in many industrial processes and applications that would not be possible with many of the more common metals and alloys. Refractory metals and alloys are extraordinarily resistant to heat and have unique physical properties.

Because of these properties Molybdenum is advantangeous in many high temperature applications where high melting points are required (e.g. glass melting electrodes, semi-conductor equipment, welding electrodes, medical apparatus, lamp components, heating coils, filaments, etc.) Molybdenum exhibits good strength at elevated temperatures making it applicable in furnace components and aerospace applications (e.g. re-entry shields, etc.). Moly's good thermal and electrical conductivity and low coefficient of expansion makes it an effective useful metal in electrical contacts, semi-conductor equipment, glass-to-metal seals, etc.

Ed Fagan Inc. stocks Molybdenum in rod, bar, sheet, plate, threaded rod and nuts, and can cut, slit or centerless grind these to your specifications. If you require another type of refractory metal or alloy, please call 800-348-6268, and one of our material experts can assist you.