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Molybdenum is classified as a refractory metal due to its very high melting point. It has a low coefficient of thermal expansion and high level of thermal conductivity. Molybdenum’s ability to retain its strength at high temperatures is an important feature for making it the selected metal for many applications.

The selection of pure molybdenum, molybdenum lanthanum oxide or TZM for any given application can depend on a variety of material properties and conditions, as well as the design of your product. Our molybdenum and alloys are used in a diverse range of products – vacuum furnaces to nuclear shielding.

We stock molybdenum in rod, round bar, plate, sheet, wire, threaded rod, nuts, coil and strip; and molybdenum lanthanum oxide, and molybdenum TZM in various forms. Our inventory is extensive, we assure competitive pricing, and we understand refractory metals. The facts and data within this site are provided as an aide in your selection process for optimal material outcomes.

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Moly From Stock is the prominent global distributor of high quality, specialty alloys and high-performance metals.  Our specialty is supplying mill-certified, niche metals and alloys with superior properties that meet or exceed the specifications of our customers.

Our exclusive line of materials includes controlled expansion, soft magnetic, refractory metals/alloys and electronic nickel metals.  Speak with our experienced sales team for product details, our services, pricing and how Moly From Stock can be your #1 resource for all your specialty metal and alloy needs.