Molybdenum Lanthanum Oxide

Molybdenum lanthanum oxide is often the alloy of choice when embrittlement after recrystallization must be avoided along with assurance of dimensional shape stability at high-temperatures.
Small amounts of lanthanum oxide particles (0.3-0.7%) are combined with molybdenum to create a special stacked fiber microstructure that is stable at temperatures up to 2000°C. This alloy known as molybdenum lanthanum oxide or ML increases the recrystallization temperature to 1300°C (90% def). After recrystallization the elongated grain structure with jagged grain boundaries provides a measurable increase in ductility and creep resistant strength than that of the pure molybdenum.
We stock molybdenum lanthanum oxide sheet in an assortment of sizes in both recrystallized and stress relieved conditions to meet your needs.

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For information on the commercial applications of molybdenum lanthanum oxide; as well as its chemical, mechanical, and physical properties, and general information on machining this material, please visit the pages below.