Molybdenum round bar sheet plate threaded rod

Molybdenum Applications

molybdenum tzm alloy vacuum furnace

In the first decade of the twentieth century, manufacturers in the lighting industry utilized molybdenum as a support to wire filament in incandescent lamps.  Although CFL and LED lights have replaced the demand for incandescent lamps, the need for molybdenum in an array of components and industries continues due to the metal’s unique characteristics.

In the Vacuum Furnace industry molybdenum round bar, rod, plate, sheet, threaded rod, hex nuts or wire are accepted forms for service applications, such as heating elements, beams, hearth supports, and gas nozzles.

In the aerospace and defense industry, molybdenum can be found in nose cones, re-entry cones, nozzles, high-temperature structural parts, heat radiation shields.

Molybdenum is also employed as sputtering targets used to manufacture thin films in flat-panel displays and thin-film solar cells; and molybdenum is also found in glass melting components applications.