Molybdenum TZM Alloy

Molybdenum TZM Alloy is comprised of 0.5% titanium (Ti), 0.08% zirconium (Zr), 0.1- 0.04% carbon (C) and the balance being the element molybdenum. This alloy is produced by powder metallurgy techniques.  The addition of particle-strengthened carbides and oxides inhibit grain growth at high temperatures. This combination increases the ductility and creep strength of the alloy. One of molybdenum TZM most significant advantages over pure molybdenum is that above 2000°F its tensile strength is approximately twice that of molybdenum. TZM is best used for applications where components are subjected to both high temperature environments and high mechanical loading.


Molybdenum TZM Forms

We supply TZM in plate, round bar and rod.  Standard stock items are ready to ship within 24-hours of your order confirmation.

Molybdenum TZM Applications, Properties & Machining

Please visit the pages below for information on the commercial applications of molybdenum TZM.  Also provided is the chemical, mechanical and physical properties of this alloy along with general information on machining this material,