Molybdenum Plate, Round Bar & Rod, Sheet, Threaded Rod & Nuts, Wire

Pure molybdenum is conducive to high-temperature furnace building, aerospace, and other industrial applications, due to its high temperature properties and good workability.  The unique properties of molybdenum resemble that of tungsten which has led to its use in many of the same applications where the temperatures involved were not quite as high to require the temperature resistance of tungsten.  Molybdenum’s thermal and electrical conductivity properties are very high.  It has the ability to form strong seals with most glass compositions.

We stock molybdenum in coil, rod, round bar, plate, sheet, wire, threaded rod and nuts.

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For information on the commercial applications of molybdenum; as well as its chemical, mechanical, and physical properties, and general information on machining this material, please visit the pages below.