Molybdenum round bar sheet plate threaded rod

Molybdenum Sheet

molybdenum moly alloy sheet

When your next application requires an element with a high melting point, high temperature strength, low coefficient of expansion and low vapor pressure at elevated temperatures, rely on Ed Fagan Inc. to supply you with the molybdenum materials you need, when you need them. Our expansive inventory is stocked with molybdenum sheets in a wide range of dimensions to meet customer’s requests.   All standard stock molybdenum sheets can be shipped within 24-hours of your order confirmation, plus all of our materials are certified with shipment.

If your size range is not listed below, please contact our sales team at 800-348-6268 for availability.  We offer competitive pricing and short lead times for any of our non-stock items.

Sheet size can be customized to your specification. Ed Fagan Inc. offers shearing, water jet and laser cutting capabilities. Talk to us.


SKUMolybdenum Sheet Thickness
005-MOLY-SHMolybdenum Sheet 0.005”
007-MOLY-SHMolybdenum Sheet 0.007”
010-MOLY-SHMolybdenum Sheet 0.010”
015-MOLY-SHMolybdenum Sheet 0.015”
020-MOLY-SHMolybdenum Sheet 0.020”
025-MOLY-SHMolybdenum Sheet 0.025”
030-MOLY-SHMolybdenum Sheet 0.030”
040-MOLY-SHMolybdenum Sheet 0.040”
050-MOLY-SHMolybdenum Sheet 0.050”
060-MOLY-SHMolybdenum Sheet 0.060”
0625-MOLY-SHMolybdenum Sheet 0.0625"
080-MOLY-SHMolybdenum Sheet 0.080”
090-MOLY-SHMolybdenum Sheet 0.090”
100-MOLY-SHMolybdenum Sheet 0.100”
125-MOLY-SHMolybdenum Sheet 0.125”