Molybdenum Lanthanum Oxide Sheet

Molybdenum Lanthanum Oxide Sheet

molybdenum lanthanum oxide sheet

Let us be your supplier of molybdenum lanthanum oxide sheet. We stock sheet in an assortment of sizes in both recrystallized and stress relieved conditions to meet your needs. Standard stock items can be shipped within 24-hours of your order confirmation. If your size range is not listed, please call our sales team at 800-348-6268 for assistance. We offer competitive pricing and short lead times for any of our non-stock items.

Sheet sizes can be customized to your specification. Ed Fagan Inc. offers shearing, water jet and laser cutting capabilities. Talk to your sales representative for details.


SKUMolybdenum Lanthanum Oxide Sheet ThicknessCondition
010-MLMOLY-SHMolybdenum (MLR) Sheet 0.010”Stress Relieved
015-MLMOLY-SHMolybdenum (MLR) Sheet 0.015”Stress Relieved
020-MLMOLY-SHMolybdenum (MLR) Sheet 0.020”Stress Relieved
030-MLMOLY-SHMolybdenum (MLR) Sheet 0.030”Stress Relieved
040-MLMOLY-SHMolybdenum (MLR) Sheet 0.040”Recrystallized
060-MLMOLY-SHMolybdenum (MLR) Sheet 0.060”Recrystallized
080-MLMOLY-SHMolybdenum (MLR) Sheet 0.080”Recrystallized
100-MLMOLY-SHMolybdenum (MLR) Sheet 0.100”Recrystallized
125-MLMOLY-SHMolybdenum (MLR) Sheet 0.125”Recrystallized